Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainbows & Rollerskates Paige Turns 8!

Paige celebrated her 8th birthday at SkateTown. We celebrated her birthday a month early on 5/20 before school let out so her classmates would all be able to attend.  

They played a couple of little games, in this game they had to balance ice cream on their heads

Make A Wish!

I made these fun rainbow colored cupcakes topped with sugar rainbows

Paige was thrilled one of her presents was a boogie board. 

Happy 8th Birthday Paige!

Paige with some of her friends

Her new inline skates

She only fell a few times wearing her new rollerskates and always kept a smile on her face

Helping Harlow

One of my favorite pictures from the day, big sister helping little sister around the skate rink

For party favors I made each girl a retro rollerskate necklace which I put on each guest as they arrived at the party and before they left they each received a package of rainbow sour belts. 

Happy 8th Birthday Paige!!!
xoxo Mom & Dad

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Fun at the Fort Worth Stock Yards

We take the kids to the Fort Worth Stockyards at least once a year, it's so much fun to walk around and see the Longhorns. After we enjoyed our picnic lunch, Jon played frisbee and tossed around the football with the kids. 

Then it was time to walk around and see some of sights, the kids enjoyed sitting on a Longhorn and feeding some animals in the petting zoo. Just before dinner we got to watch the cattle drive, it's amazing to see so many Longhorns up close. Such a wonderful day together as a family. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Zoo'pendous day!

My good friend Andrea and I decided to take our kids to the Dallas Zoo today for the first day of Spring Break. We got an early start to beat the heat and the crowds, it was a perfect 78 degrees today.

Oh what a fun day we had! If you asked any of my kids what their favorite part of the day was they would quickly tell you feeding the giraffes ...and of course it's MY favorite activity at the zoo to take pictures of. I also really enjoyed seeing the Koalas.

The Dallas Zoo has so many wonderful animal exhibits in addition to a wonderful kids area. The kids enjoyed seeing all of the animals, playing in a little stream in the kids area, the petting zoo, kids barn, insect building and a BINGO card that let you check off animals as you saw them and turn it in for a little prize at the end of your visit. We ended our zoo'pendous day with some yummy ice cream. Aiden and Harlow already asked to go back, I look forward to taking them at least once a year.

Aiden getting up close to the penguins

A new, very tall friend

Harlow wasn't expecting him to use his tongue to grab it so quickly, her facial expression is priceless.

So many animals to see at the Zoo!

Harlow pointing to the "big kitty"

Harlow making chicken sounds and showing off her 'best' chicken moves in the barn

Friday, March 2, 2012

Captain Aiden at his Pirate Party

Oh how fast time flies, I remember my little man sitting in his baby bouncer in our community clubhouse dressed in the cutest fishy outfit by Janie & Jack (I loved this outfit so much I do have it saved) when Paige turned 3 years old and now here he is turning 5 and ready to party with his friends in the same clubhouse.

I must say this was hands down my favorite party theme to date. I knew this would be Aiden's 5th birthday theme when I stumbled upon the cutest set of 5 pirate candles on clearance for just $.20 at Target when Aiden was just a baby. Now here we are ready to put the candles to use.

As always, I was excited to plan a wonderful party for our little man on a small budget. Thanks to Pinterest, free printables, 2 borrowed pirate costumes, a borrowed pirate tent, some creativity and time I think it was a success!

Here are some pictures to show Captain Aiden and his Crew

Harlow was often caught stealing jewels (of the candy kind) during the party.

As each child arrived I put a bandana and a pirate patch on them

Pirate's Gold (gold glitter spray painted rocks)

Captain Aiden sailing the seas (my Craigslist find) with his First Mate Christian

Put the patch on the Pirate game. I put a pirate tattoo on each child after they played

Paige enjoying her 'Pirate Booty'

Pirates with 'ye old treasure maps' in hand. I drew up maps in PSE with local landmarks and then soaked them in tea to give them an old weathered look and rolled each map up with rope.

I made rhyming clues the kids could solve, put a pirate pennant at each clue spot which lead them to the hidden treasure ...marked with a big red X!

Gold coins, gold chocolate coins, necklaces, pirate telescopes, Hershey Gold Nuggets & Rolo candies, pirate themed finger puppets, black pirate bouncy balls, big sticker jewels and Ring Pops filled the treasure chest.

Aiden and all of his Mates

Aiden's pirate birthday shirt is from Etsy: personaliTEEshop

Fabulous pirate cake by Lindsey over at Queen of Cakes, her cakes are the BEST I have had!

I think Harlow was going to ditch the party in hopes of finding more treasure on her own

After his friends headed for home we let Aiden open his presents, he received such wonderful presents from his mates. BIG thanks to everyone who helped make his birthday so special.

Happy 5th Birthday Aiden!!!
We Love You!
xoxo, Mom