Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's All in a Harlow

I called her by Harlow since the beginning before I even had it confirmed she was indeed a girl. I just love that name and Jon does too. I think it fits her even though we haven't "officially" met her yet. Harlow sure is active these days and Jon now gets to enjoy some of her moves. We are still working on her middle name, any ideas?

Then we have to start on Harlow's nursery, well when I say we I really mean Jon since he is the labor behind my vision for how I want a room to look. Harlow will use the same Pottery Barn Kids furniture that both Paige and Aiden used, lucky us because it all still looks new.

I already picked out the bedding I want to use for her room, it has trees, owls and birds on it. I can't wait to get started on it...again I should say, I can't wait for Jon to get started on it. Harlow's room is what was our guest bedroom so we first have to clear it out before Jon can get started on her nursery.

Paige's Nursery - June 2004

Aiden's Nursery - February 2007

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Texas Tradition the Bluebonnets

It's tradition if you live in Texas to take pictures in the Bluebonnets. The Bluebonnet flower is the Texas state flower so it was on my "to do" list this year. I missed them last year as they seem to come and go pretty quickly. Of course I didn't prepare my pregnant self for the heat, bees and fire ants and just had my heart set on getting a few good pictures but what I was really going to get was a lot of complaining but here's what I did manage to get before I gave up and headed back home.

Look at Paige and Aiden from 2007, Aiden was just a new baby...

A Celebration of Life for Brett Burdick

This past Friday, April 17th would have been Brett's 5th Birthday, even though a few months have passed it seems like yesterday he was laughing and playing with our group of friends. In honor of his birthday we gathered for lunch and then went to visit him at the cemetery (those words are so hard to put together in a sentence).

The weather wasn't on our side, it very windy and raining but nothing was going to stop us from visiting our loved little man on his special day and as luck would have it we made our visit at the very same time he was born. I hadn't been back since we laid him to rest. Paige made him a frame and I put the picture of her and Brett together from the 4th of July. His headstone was quickly covered in much love with flowers and cards. His headstone was beautiful, it had several pictures of him on it.

On Sunday, April 19th I was honored to help set-up for and attend a celebration in honor of Brett's 5th Birthday. It felt so good to once again have everyone gather to share stories and remember this loved little man. We did a breathtaking balloon release, where each guest wrote a message and sent it up to him in Heaven. We all enjoyed food from Chicken Express together and the kids played on the playset and bounced in the bounce house. It was a perfect day to honor this very special little man. In addition to the celebration, toys were collected for Brett's Blessings. So many toys were donated in Brett's name to donate to the Dallas Children's Hospital ICU, see previous Blog post in regards to Brett's Blessings.

Here are some pictures of this very special celebration:

Madison, Danielle, Sienna, Paige, Aiden, Andrew and Johnny

My Family

Aiden enjoying some sweets...

Paige and I wearing our matching Matilda Jane...

The most recent belly pic...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Beautiful Baby Blanket

Today was a good day, I took Paige to her ballet class and Aiden played really well while she danced away for her 45 minute class. Then it was time to pick-up lunch from McD's and head back home to put Aiden down for a nap (so nice to get a couple hours of quiet). Paige played on my computer while Aiden napped and I got time to read more of my Twilight book. Yes I know I am late on this must read book, I am usually not much of a book reader but I couldn't resist any longer with all of the hype that surrounds it. I must say I am really enjoying it and it's nice just to turn off the tv and read a book, especially when it's this good. I can't wait to watch the movie when I am finished and then read the other books in the series.

I also got a surprise in the mail, my first gift for the baby. I was so excited I couldn't open the envelope fast enough. My friend Kristen got it for me from the talented Sew Fun by Monique, Kristen has superb taste and is totally the Guru of Etsy. Here's a picture of it, it's so pretty and soft. I love it, it's so me and is perfect for baby girl Harlow. Yup that's her name, still working on the middle name but she has always been Harlow to me even before I had it confirmed this baby was a girl.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today sure was a fun day, but it was a hard one as well. My family and I spent Easter with my dear friend Amber and her family. Amber's husband Chris couldn't be home to celebrate with us, he is a trunk driver and had to be out on the road making today even harder. We all spent Easter together last year and of course Amber and Chris' son Brett was with us to enjoy in all of the egg-stra fun Easter activities. It just doesn't seem to get any easier as the days pass, I still find it so hard to believe that Brett is gone and I feel such an aching pain in my heart every minute I miss him.

My day started out with the usual hidden Easter baskets and eggs scattered throughout the house. The kids woke-up early and started to gather the eggs. Jon had to put them back into bed 3 times in hopes we could get a little more shuteye before starting our the day. We had a terrible storm pass through which caused us to loose sleep on top of going to bed late after prepping the house for Easter. Finally, it was time to start the day and Jon has a Sunday tradition of taking the kids to get doughnuts and coffee, we call it "Doughnut Day." For me, this means an extra hour of sleep in absolute quiet until they return and then I always enjoy sitting at the table enjoying doughnuts with my family.

After the doughnuts it was time to hunt for the baskets. Paige found Aiden's basket quickly but it took her a couple of hints to help her find her own basket. Both kids were so excited to open up and check out the Easter goodies. Paige was in love with her new Lelli Kelly shoes and of course Aiden was in love with his cars. Then it was time for me to work on making Jon's grandmother's delicious green beans and some deviled eggs to bring over to Amber's house for Easter dinner.

Paige's Basket...

Aiden's Basket...

Enjoying some early morning candy...

We headed on over to Amber's for an early dinner and an egg hunt. We were worried that the rain was going to continue all day but it did stop and the grass dried up enough so that we were able to hunt the eggs in her backyard. Amber just had a tree planted in Brett's memory, I stopped several times while hiding eggs to remember the little man that loved to play outside with his friends and how cute he was hunting eggs with us last year. The kids all had a great time with the egg hunt and after we enjoyed some yummy apple pie it was time to clean-up and head home. The kids were in bed just after 7:00pm.

I had different Easter outfits planned but it was cold and rainy here in TX so I had to keep it practical. I do love Paige in this Knot Dress from the fabulous Matilda Jane.

Aiden and Danielle enjoying some Play-Doh together...

Paige and I

Off to get some eggs...

Aiden figured if he needed more eggs he could just dump Danielle's basket of eggs into his, lucky for him she didn't care and I was able to put back her eggs later.

I just love this face...

Checking out the goodies...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Visit with the Easter Bunny

I took the kids to Willow Bend Mall today for a visit with the Easter Bunny. I didn't even think that Aiden might not like the Bunny, I guess I totally spaced on the fact he hated sitting with Santa this past Christmas. At first, I put Aiden on the Bunny's lap and he wanted none of it but I quickly realized he would probably be ok sitting next to his smiling sister and I was right because he did a great smile for the picture. I love how the picture turned out.

After the pictures a few friends and I went to the foodcourt for some lunch, then the playground to let the kids play and of course had to go into at least 1 store so we went into one of my favorites Janie and Jack. Janie and Jack is having a big 50% off sale so I bought this baby some really cute clothes for winter at a really good price. I hope I can find Paige some of the same outfits to wear in the winter to match her sister.

Monday, April 6, 2009

...and Another Princess Makes 3

So today was the big 20 week ultrasound and it was confirmed that this baby is a GIRL! I am so excited, I was really hoping for another Princess so I could enjoy all things girly all over again.

From the time I got pregnant I felt like it was a girl, I really only considered girl names and even bought a few girl clothing items when a local boutique by me went out of business. I just knew my family would be complete with 1 more girl.

20 weeks, 2 days

Paige really wanted a sister, I couldn't even talk her out of that fact that this baby could possibly be a boy. I guess she and I both knew deep down it was a girl. Paige even named her, not that we will choose either of these names of course but she refers to this baby as Karen and sometimes Sunny.

I had Jon, Paige and Aiden with me for the ultrasound and as soon as Paige heard that it was a girl she said the cutest thing, "I can't wait to paint her nails when she gets bigger like me." Paige is so excited to be getting a sister. Aiden was just bouncing off of the walls in the room so Jon had to take the kids outside to run around for the rest of my appointment. The baby looked right on in size and healthy so all was good news at the ultrasound. The due date is August 21st.

After the appointment we were off to Build A Bear. Jon and I started this tradition when I was pregnant with Paige. The day we found out Paige was a girl we made her a bear, same goes for the day we found out Aiden was a boy we had Paige make him a bear (well actually she made him a cow,) so here we are on our last baby and together we all made "her" a bear (and this time Paige chose a Kitty). Paige named her Karen Kitty, she has a sound button in her with Paige saying, "I Love You Sister...Meow Meow Meow"'s just perfect!

Stuffing the Kitty Paige picked out...

Each Putting in a Heart with Lot's of Love...

Paige giving Kitty a good bath...

All finished!

Get ready for some kisses sister because they are ready to give them.
Paige is sleeping with the Kitty tonight, I am sure it will be well loved before sitting in your nursery just before you arrive.

It was such an exciting day, I still haven't even made it to the couch to settle down from it all. So here I go now to watch some good tv and rest.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Party Fit for a Princess...20 of them actually

Paige was invited to her school friend's 5th birthday party today. It was a fashion show party at Sweet & Sassy in Frisco. Paige loves dressing up so it was the perfect party for her to attend.

Sweet & Sassy made sure each girl was ready for the runway. Each girl got their hair, nails and make-up done before getting dressed-up. Then the girls got to do a little dancing to Hannah Montana and each got a turn to walk the runway.

As they came down the runway they gave some information about each girl. They had asked the girls questions about things they liked earlier in the party. Two of the things Paige told them was her favorite store to shop at was the "supermarket" (how funny is that of all places we go) and that she loves "SpongeBob. "

After the runway it was time for cake but first they had to take off the dress-up. Paige didn't want to take her dress off, she loves dressing-up and even asked if I could buy her a dress just like the one she wore.

Not only was it a fun party but the cake and favor gifts were super cute too! I had to take pictures of them. I love throwing a good party so I always notice all of the details that go into making a party great and this party was just that.

Just got her make-up done...

Now time for hair...

Ready to hit the runway...

Strike a pose...

Look at these little cakes, one for each girl...

Even the cups were perfect for a Princess...

Favor boxes....a mani/pedi set for each Princess...

Enjoying her very pretty was as good as it looked!

Stay tuned for tomorrow, it's the BIG gender ultrasound...will it be a girl or a boy? A girl I hope!