Thursday, February 25, 2010

Harlow and the Half-Year Mark

Happy 6 months Harlow!

I can't believe half of a year has already passed us by; I really wish time would just slow down so I could enjoy Harlow as a baby a little longer. It sure has been fun watching her grow and I cherish seeing her accomplish each milestone.

Harlow had her 6 month pediatrician appointment last Friday on 2/19, she was 15.2 lbs. (25%) and 26.5" (90%) long, such a lucky girl being skinny and tall.

Daddy fed Harlow her pea's for her first food this past Saturday on 2/20, she only took a few spoonfuls but now every morning she has a nice serving before being done. I planned on starting a new food with her tomorrow.

Harlow has also begun to scootch her way around, she usually goes backwards and with some good arm moves can usually rotate herself around quite a bit. Harlow hasn't begun to sit unsupported yet but she showed me her good balance during this 6 month photo session when I sat her in front of Lulu for the pictures. Harlow loves to razzle and of course with that comes some baby drool. Her favorite toy right now is her teething toothbrush and of course she loves to suck on her thumb.

It's so hard to choose pictures of Harlow, I tell ya I always think I found my 'favorite' but then I fall in love with the next picture just as much. I want to get a new Gina Alexander purse but how will I ever be able to choose the pictures for it?

Onesie from Culpepper General and Ruffle Bloomer from Three Yellow Starfish

These were taken last night, we play in her room every night while Paige and Aiden get ready for bed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday to my 'Man in the Middle' Aiden

I have always felt a special bond with my little 'A' man; he was my first boy and the first child I got to stay home with. I LOVE spending time with my little man; we play cars together, play fight with Star Wars light sabers and use his toys to act out scenes from Toy Story the movie.

So let me tell you a little bit about my special man in the middle, well he really is ALL BOY. Aiden loves to play outside, he is always able to entertain himself and like most boys will stir-up some mischief while exploring, he loves to dress-up with his sister (he had a phase of wearing the cheerleader costume but since his birthday he is all Spiderman or Transformer), he enjoys playing his new DSi, his favorite movies are Toy Story and Cars and he loves all things Star Wars...just like his daddy.

So what do we do to keep busy you ask? Well, Aiden and I enjoy a Mommy & Me class at our local My Gym on Wednesday mornings, after our class we enjoy a nice lunch together at Subway (he loves his Turkey sandwich, chocolate milk and his favorite part of lunch is the chocolate chip cookie... just like his mommy) and we also keep busy doing different events with friends in our Mommy Meet-up Group's.

So now that Aiden is 3, I have decided it's time to start teaching him a few things using a weekly lesson plan similar in style to Tot School, by using this technique Aiden will learn through fun play. I will try and post some of my lesson plans on my Blog starting next week.

Happy Birthday Aiden Ryder!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Send Some Lunchbox Love

I couldn't resist passing on this link I found for these super cute lunchbox notes by Fancy Pants Prints.

I sometimes write a little sweet something to Paige on her napkin in her lunchbox, so when I came across these I quickly printed a few sheets on some nice cardstock to slip in her lunchbox instead.

*Please use the link above to print for the correct formatting.


So Much LOVE...Valentine's Day 2010

I sure do love Valentine's Day, it's such a fun 'loving' holiday and with red being my favorite color it's so appealing to my heart. Oh and to those that say it's just a Hallmark holiday, well that's ok with me since Hallmark is on my top 10 list of favorite stores.

The beautiful red roses my husband sent me

School was closed on Friday because of the snow so the kids and I decorated some heart shaped cookies...

...or should I say ate some heart shaped cookies?

...because we love you!

Paige got a new game for her DS (her daddy picked it out for her), a couple new outfits for her Bamboletta dolls, a Valentine themed Pixos and of course some sweet candy.

Aiden got a new small Woody toy set, a pair of Woody pajamas (I have got to get you a picture of him wearing them, seriously the cutest pj's EVER!), a Toy Story magic coloring book and some candy.

Harlow entertaining herself

What did Harlow get???

She got a pair of heart pajamas, a couple soft flower bracelets and Converse that I sparkled with Swarovski crystals


Harlow's 1st Valentine's Day 2010 - 6 months old

Paige's Valentine Party at school 2/16

Playing Musical Chairs

Paige's Valentine's for her classmates... she and I both loved how they turned out!
I can't take the credit for this FANTASTIC idea, I found it here on the 24-7-365 Blog

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paige's 100th Day of School

Wow has time just flown by, Friday was Paige's 100th day at school and her class had some fun activities planned to celebrate the milestone.

Each student was to make a shirt with 100 of something and wear it to school on Friday to celebrate. Paige and I decided to use 100 small flowers I had sitting around for scrapbooking; Paige did a great job drawing out a big 100 and gluing the flowers on her shirt.

Each student also had to bring in 100 small toys (thank goodness for the Littlest Pet Shop pets) and bring a snack item (we brought the Cheerios) to help make a celebratory snack-mix which would total 100 pieces.

Happy 100th day of school Paige, we are so proud of you!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet Harlow Evelyn ...5 months old

Our sweet baby Harlow is already 5 months old, it was sure was an exciting month of 'firsts'. Harlow cut her first two teeth (first little tooth on 1/21 and her second tooth just a week after), had her first feeding of Rice Cereal with daddy on 1/12, transitioned to her new room and crib and found...or say I started to chew on her feet.

Harlow is such a mover, she enjoys her tummy time with toys and prefers sitting in her bouncer to her swing on most days. I bought her a couple of new tether toys that vibrate when you chew on them, they have quickly become her favorites.

Happy 5 months Harlow

Headband by the super talented Jessica of Mia Joie
Month Onsie by Culpepper General on Etsy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Room for Harlow

All A Flutter

I am so excited to share pictures of Harlow's finished nursery with all of you; it sure took us some time to finish up her room but it was well worth the wait. We used the same Pottery Barn Kids bedding we had in Paige's nursery and also bought a few new things from Pottery Barn Kids to finish it up.

I still have to get the butterfly rug that matches the bedding dry cleaned to put on the floor of her room. We are also going to remove the closet doors and put up some pretty sheer panels so all of Harlow's pretty things can be on "display" and we will use canvas buckets to store toys on the bottom of her closet (I will share pictures after that project is finished).

Jon did an amazing job on the wainscoting and crown-molding, he spent weeks working on the room and it shows in his meticulous work. I couldn't be happier with how the room turned out, it was really just how I envisioned it...all thanks to Jon!

Harlow had her first night in her crib on January 23rd and it took her about a week to get comfortable sleeping in her crib. Of course she moves all the way to the top corner where she settles in for the night. I had been working on getting her to take a good nap in her crib and as lucky would have it today was the day she slept for almost 3 hours...the best part was that I was able to get a few pictures of her sleeping before she woke up.

I had to get Harlow a pair of socks and couldn't resist taking a few pictures of all these sweet little baby socks and BabyLegs

I came across this music box from my childhood when I was pulling out some stuff to use in Harlow's room. It was in my baby nursery; my mom had it by my door and would pull the string to start the song every night as she closed the door. I cherish that memory and I will do the same for Harlow so it's on her wall just as you leave her room.

Sweet Harlow at nap time today

I hope to get another post up tomorrow with Harlow's 5 month pictures and again on Friday with Paige's 100 days of school celebration shirt so stay tuned.