Monday, February 22, 2010

So Much LOVE...Valentine's Day 2010

I sure do love Valentine's Day, it's such a fun 'loving' holiday and with red being my favorite color it's so appealing to my heart. Oh and to those that say it's just a Hallmark holiday, well that's ok with me since Hallmark is on my top 10 list of favorite stores.

The beautiful red roses my husband sent me

School was closed on Friday because of the snow so the kids and I decorated some heart shaped cookies...

...or should I say ate some heart shaped cookies?

...because we love you!

Paige got a new game for her DS (her daddy picked it out for her), a couple new outfits for her Bamboletta dolls, a Valentine themed Pixos and of course some sweet candy.

Aiden got a new small Woody toy set, a pair of Woody pajamas (I have got to get you a picture of him wearing them, seriously the cutest pj's EVER!), a Toy Story magic coloring book and some candy.

Harlow entertaining herself

What did Harlow get???

She got a pair of heart pajamas, a couple soft flower bracelets and Converse that I sparkled with Swarovski crystals


Harlow's 1st Valentine's Day 2010 - 6 months old

Paige's Valentine Party at school 2/16

Playing Musical Chairs

Paige's Valentine's for her classmates... she and I both loved how they turned out!
I can't take the credit for this FANTASTIC idea, I found it here on the 24-7-365 Blog

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