Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainbows & Rollerskates Paige Turns 8!

Paige celebrated her 8th birthday at SkateTown. We celebrated her birthday a month early on 5/20 before school let out so her classmates would all be able to attend.  

They played a couple of little games, in this game they had to balance ice cream on their heads

Make A Wish!

I made these fun rainbow colored cupcakes topped with sugar rainbows

Paige was thrilled one of her presents was a boogie board. 

Happy 8th Birthday Paige!

Paige with some of her friends

Her new inline skates

She only fell a few times wearing her new rollerskates and always kept a smile on her face

Helping Harlow

One of my favorite pictures from the day, big sister helping little sister around the skate rink

For party favors I made each girl a retro rollerskate necklace which I put on each guest as they arrived at the party and before they left they each received a package of rainbow sour belts. 

Happy 8th Birthday Paige!!!
xoxo Mom & Dad