Monday, November 30, 2009

A Yo Gabba Gabba! Good Time

The night before the big show I made the kids some Yo Gabba Gabba! shirts complete with sparkles for the girls', they each picked who they wanted on their shirts. Paige wanted Toodee, Aiden Brobee and of course Harlow was Foofa.

We were so excited to go see Yo Gabba Gabba in concert on Saturday here in our home town city of Frisco. We had 3rd row, floor seats that included a cast Meet & Greet after the show. The kids actually danced just in front of the stage the entire show. The cast kept waiving at them from the stage, it was so sweet.

I had no idea it would be such a fun show. You can't beat the balloons they dropped from the ceiling, confetti sprays, tons of bubbles and all of the non-stop singing and dancing. They even brought along a few celebrities to sing-along with them. Seriously, it was the best kids concert I have been to yet.

After the show we went to meet the cast. We got a great family picture and I had DJ Lance Rock sign the back of the kids' shirts. This show sure made for some amazing memories.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Take 3 on 3 Month Pictures...Happy Harlow 14 weeks

Well 3rd times the charm with Harlow's 3 month pictures. Harlow had what they thought was a sinus infection (they say it's hard to say for sure with a baby) a couple of weeks ago and she lost some of her bright pink Amoxicillin on her white onesie the first time I tried taking her 3 month pictures and on my second attempt, she kept spitting up and on top of it wasn't really in the mood to model for pictures. I knew after I took the first picture this 3rd attempt that my model was ready to work the camera with her gorgeous smile.

Harlow sure is a good baby. She almost always sleeps through the night and is so easy going when we are out about running errands. She is just now starting to really enjoy toys; her favorite being those chubby little hands of hers. She had stopped sucking her thumb the last couple of weeks but the past few days she found it again and has been sucking away on it. Her favorite place to be is in her swing, she loves looking at the toys and often takes a nice long nap while swinging away. I still love cloth diapering and so does Harlow.

First time Harlow checked out Lulu the Lamb, sure she was wondering what it is she is sitting on.

Sitting pretty, propped up on the couch

I love love those cheeks!

I have a couple other Blog posts I hope to get up either today or tomorrow. I have some nice pictures of our Thanksgiving as well as our Yo Gabba Gabba! concert yesterday so stay tuned. I need to run some laundry and start decorating the house for Christmas in between my computer time today. If only I had more hours in the day I might be able to get it all done.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday's Giveaway at eden's bouquet

Once You Go (i)Mac You Never Go Back

I just had to share my newest love, my new iMac computer. I always talked about how much I would love an Apple computer and Jon decided it was time to get me one, gosh I love him. I still have a lot to learn on how to use it but I am confident I will figure it out in time. It really is easy to use and sure is a beauty to look at.

I also wanted to share with you this link, it's Paige's Nursery Rhyme performance on video on her Mrs. Khan's class Blog.

Also, you may notice this photographer Diana Hall has quite a few pictures in her slideshow/ babies gallery of our very own Harlow. I sure wish I had a money tree so I could have bought more of her amazing pictures; she came to our house a week after Harlow was born for an in-home photo shoot and really did a great job of capturing Harlow as a newborn. Gosh I love a good picture, pictures truly are priceless!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thurday's Giveaway at eden's bouquet

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Thankful Thursday

Well we had another fun filled week around here. On Monday, I took Aiden to Build-A-Bear with some friends so he could make an animal for one of the Star Wars costumes they carry. He chose the Camo Bear, dressed it in the Darth Vader costume and named it the obvious choice of Darth Vader.

I figured it would be another furry friend and a decoration for his new Star Wars themed room. He has been sleeping with Vader and pushing him around in the blue stroller since he made him so he has quickly become a favorite toy. Jon is still doing the touch-up work on the painting in his room and we are still waiting on his dresser but after we get it all put together I will share pictures of his new Star Wars themed big boy room.

Giving his bear some love...oh yes, don't mind the PINK Hello Kitty watch, he insisted on wearing it after his sister had worn it for a few days.

Giving his bear a bath

Lovin' some 1/1 time with my little man

His new best friend Darth Vader

Aiden with his buddies Hudson and Preston who also made some Star Wars friends

Paige had a Thanksgiving performance at school on Tuesday night. She was the sweetest little Pilgrim (she told me today she also made an Indian costume.) I got back her school pictures and was so relieved that they were picture perfect. I will get them in the mail to you all in a few days.

"Turkey Turkey, Gobble Gobble, Ate Too Much And Wobble Wobble"

Just after the performance with the turkey and her teacher Mrs. Khan

Doesn't she make for the cutest Pilgrim?!

Paige with her friend Jacqueline, just precious together!

Kidergarten 10/2009

Jon and I found the perfect swingset for the kids' Christmas present. I didn't want to bring a ton of toys into the house and knew it would be the best thing we could spend our money on with 3 kids and an empty backyard. Now we just have to figure out how to make the magic happen (Jon and a friend plan on putting it together as the delivery/set-up cost was over $600+ for them to do it...eek!) and get it up without the kids seeing it for Christmas morning.

I am buying each of the kids a few things though (of course Harlow needs some baby girl toys since she won't be jumping on that playset quite yet) on their wish list, since with winter around the corner it will be a couple of months before they will get to take full advantage of the swingset.

I am really looking forward to next week, Paige is off of school all week for the holiday and I have some really fun events planned for the kids.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yet Another Giveaway Day with eden's bouquet

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

YAY a second day for the eden's bouquet Giveaway!

Such precious, timeless clothing. Here's one of the many pieces I have my eyes on from the Friday Harbor Collection

I couldn't pass up another day to spread the word about eden's bouquet and share this fabulous giveaway, so don't delay and check it out!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Gotta Love a Giveaway...Eden's Bouquet

I just had to Blog about this fabulous giveaway on the Eden's Bouquet Blog, this is one of my absolute favorite brands of clothing for my girls so check it out and enter the contest because you could be the winner ...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Change is Good

Harlow 11 weeks old

Do you ever read something and just know it's right for you? Well that's what happened when I read my friend Kelly's Blog about cloth diapering. I am just that kind of mom that wants the best for her child (doesn't every mom?) and when I put my mind to something it's done, really it's that easy for me. It's the reason I do natural childbirth, breastfeed and now I use cloth diapers.

Kelly was such a help getting me started and the minute I put a cloth diaper on Harlow I never wanted anything else for that sweet little bum of hers. I chose FuzziBunz One Size diapers for her, these diapers can be used all the way up to when I potty train her (kids that wear cloth diapers train 6 months faster then those in disposable diapers) and come in some really sweet colors. Other then a load of laundry every night they really aren't much extra work. Think of the payoff, Harlow is much more comfortable in a cloth diaper (they are super soft and pull all of the moisture away = no diaper rash!), the money savings is HUGE and it's better for the environment. So check it out, they might just be right for your baby too.

November 3rd, Harlow's first cloth diaper

Has elastic and snaps to find the perfect fit, just adjust as baby grows

Many colors and prints to choose from

Oh and I have to share my exciting win. I won this beautiful Waldorf Mermaid Doll made by Dragonfly's Hollow named Marina. They had a Blog contest where you shared why you love the water and of course I shared Harlow's amazing homebirth in water story and I won. I plan on having Harlow's first birthday with a mermaid theme and also using a mermaid theme for her big girl room when the time comes. Gosh I just love this doll and I am sure when Harlow gets a little bit bigger she will too.

Aren't they the cutest together?!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little Bo Peep Has "Found" Her Sheep but Lost Another Tooth

This Blog is all about PAIGE. She had so many fun activities at her school this week. On Monday, she had a Nursery Rhyme Parade and was one of the few chosen from her class to present her nursery rhyme "Little Bo Peep" on stage in front of the entire school along with her sheep and classmate Megan. Paige and Megan did such a great job on stage and were soooo cute together.

Waiting in the Auditorium with her class before school started

Little Bo Peep Paige and her Sheep Megan

Paige also was the "Star Student" in her class this week. She made a board (with some help from her mom) that had a couple baby pictures, some vacation pictures along with some of her favorite activities and friends.

She also got to bring 5 items for Show-and-Tell, she will present one item everyday to her class. She brought her Tooth Fairy Pillow, DSi case (to talk about her DSi without actually having to bring it to school), black Halloween stuffed kitty, this little bug from her Littlest Pet Shop and this dragon toy from a McD's Happy Meal that she has played with for years.

Eager to present her "Star Student" board to her classmates

It was perfect timing for Show-and-Tell since she lost her 2nd tooth on Sunday night. She actually pulled the tooth out all on her own but it slipped out of her fingers and went down the drain in the sink. Super Daddy came to her rescue and took apart what he needed to on the sink to get the little tooth for her pillow. The Tooth Fairy brought her $4 and a pretty Tooth Fairy bracelet.

Showing me her missing tooth while her daddy works on getting the tooth out of the sink

Practicing talking about her board before bed

Her second lost tooth

Ready for the Tooth Fairy

Ready for bed

Tooth Fairy bracelet from Etsy by knittybittyappareal