Friday, November 20, 2009

Once You Go (i)Mac You Never Go Back

I just had to share my newest love, my new iMac computer. I always talked about how much I would love an Apple computer and Jon decided it was time to get me one, gosh I love him. I still have a lot to learn on how to use it but I am confident I will figure it out in time. It really is easy to use and sure is a beauty to look at.

I also wanted to share with you this link, it's Paige's Nursery Rhyme performance on video on her Mrs. Khan's class Blog.

Also, you may notice this photographer Diana Hall has quite a few pictures in her slideshow/ babies gallery of our very own Harlow. I sure wish I had a money tree so I could have bought more of her amazing pictures; she came to our house a week after Harlow was born for an in-home photo shoot and really did a great job of capturing Harlow as a newborn. Gosh I love a good picture, pictures truly are priceless!

1 comment:

Cara said...

So glad you LOVE your new computer!!
I have yet to take the MAC plunge (well I do have in iPhone) LOVING your blog girl!!!