Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paige's 100th Day of School

Wow has time just flown by, Friday was Paige's 100th day at school and her class had some fun activities planned to celebrate the milestone.

Each student was to make a shirt with 100 of something and wear it to school on Friday to celebrate. Paige and I decided to use 100 small flowers I had sitting around for scrapbooking; Paige did a great job drawing out a big 100 and gluing the flowers on her shirt.

Each student also had to bring in 100 small toys (thank goodness for the Littlest Pet Shop pets) and bring a snack item (we brought the Cheerios) to help make a celebratory snack-mix which would total 100 pieces.

Happy 100th day of school Paige, we are so proud of you!!!


Casey said...

Oh goodness!! how cute is she? And I love the shirt!!

I remember those days with Liam... hot glueing 100 glitter beads and buttons on a shirt. And I think he brought in 100 marbles. lol.


Molly said...

She is just darling!

Dear Lillie said...

She is adorable and I LOVE the shirt!

Lesli said...

What a cutie.. love her shirt, you two did a great job! Just beautiful!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Found your blog via it! And that shirt is so cute!