Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday to my 'Man in the Middle' Aiden

I have always felt a special bond with my little 'A' man; he was my first boy and the first child I got to stay home with. I LOVE spending time with my little man; we play cars together, play fight with Star Wars light sabers and use his toys to act out scenes from Toy Story the movie.

So let me tell you a little bit about my special man in the middle, well he really is ALL BOY. Aiden loves to play outside, he is always able to entertain himself and like most boys will stir-up some mischief while exploring, he loves to dress-up with his sister (he had a phase of wearing the cheerleader costume but since his birthday he is all Spiderman or Transformer), he enjoys playing his new DSi, his favorite movies are Toy Story and Cars and he loves all things Star Wars...just like his daddy.

So what do we do to keep busy you ask? Well, Aiden and I enjoy a Mommy & Me class at our local My Gym on Wednesday mornings, after our class we enjoy a nice lunch together at Subway (he loves his Turkey sandwich, chocolate milk and his favorite part of lunch is the chocolate chip cookie... just like his mommy) and we also keep busy doing different events with friends in our Mommy Meet-up Group's.

So now that Aiden is 3, I have decided it's time to start teaching him a few things using a weekly lesson plan similar in style to Tot School, by using this technique Aiden will learn through fun play. I will try and post some of my lesson plans on my Blog starting next week.

Happy Birthday Aiden Ryder!!!

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Casey said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy!!! Boys are so super special... enjoy his day!!