Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Tisket...A Tasket...Kids with Easter Baskets

My family and I had such a good time at the McKinney Moms Meetup Easter Party today. I am an Assistant Organizer of this great group for mothers and their kids, so with the help of our groups Organizer Amber and 2 other Assistant Organizers Shelly and Christie I get the opportunity to help plan and schedule events every month for our 90+ members.

We had so many fun things planned for our members and their families today. Activities included a few different games, crafts, Easter tattoos (I worked this booth and got to put a lot of Easter tattoos on a lot of super cute kids), 2 pinatas and of course no Easter party would be complete without a really big egg hunt. We had so many eggs we needed help putting out all of the 200+ eggs in the field. It was a beautiful sight to watch the kids load up their Easter baskets.

My kids had a great time. My favorite was watching them put eggs in their baskets and taking a whack at the pinata. I asked Paige what her favorite part was and she told me, "eating." We had lot's of chips, fruit snacks, pretzels and cookies for everyone to enjoy and I am sure Paige got her fill of the goodies.

Here's some of our pictures from the Easter party.

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Cara said...

LOVE that dress on Paige!!!
They look so cute!! Glad you guys had fun :)