Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do you Boo? WE DO!!!

So cute in matching glow-in-the-dark skeleton pj's and armed with glow-sticks!

So sorry I haven't been updating my Blog, I guess once Paige started school it's just been busy busy with one thing or another but hey, at least I am back and that's what counts right?

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so many great decorations, fun crafts to do with the kids, so many fun traditions (like 'Boo-ing'), pumpkin patches, costume parties and of course trick-or-treating Halloween night.

Ok, so one of my favorite traditions to do with the kids is to go 'Boo-ing' and it doesn't really cost anything to do since you probably have some of it around your house already. Just grab a bag (any size will do), fill it with some goodies/candy (I usually do small Halloween favor type toys topped with some candy) and don't forget to include the instructions about the 'Boo'. I found these FREE super cute printables over at Lil Boo & Co.

Grab some glow-sticks for the kids and head out to get your 'Boo' on, the kids will love it and if you get lucky you might get a 'Boo' back! We do it every year and have also been lucky to get a 'Boo' back as well :)

Here's some of our 'Boo-ing' pictures from Monday night...

If you buy Halloween toy favors from Oriental Trading they will last forever, I swear I have been using the same little favors for years now along with these bags ;)

So excited to go and 'Boo!'

Jon explaining to Aiden what to do...

We were hiding at the side of the house, waiting to hear the door open and close before we went on to do another. We usually 'Boo' 2-3 houses.

Hope your all enjoying the month of October as much as we are.

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Mande said...

We LOVE this!! Have not done it yet this year, but plan to. It is so much fun!! The kiddos look so cute in their skeleton jammies. xo