Monday, April 5, 2010

A Very Hoppy Easter

Colorful Eggs, Big Baskets Full with Goodies, a Delicious Brunch and my favorite part...being together as a family. I couldn't have asked for a better Easter.

I stayed up late the night before putting together the kids Easter baskets and Jon helped me hide them before we went to bed. Of course, Paige quietly snuck out of her room before we all woke-up to locate her basket (Jon thought he was so clever where he hid it but Paige didn't have any problems finding it..ha ha ha) which was on top of the kitchen cabinets. We kept Aiden's fairly simple under our glass side table and Harlow's sat out in plain sight sitting pretty on our bench. The kids had a great time opening their baskets and playing with the goodies that filled the inside, while Harlow enjoyed chewing on everything inside her basket.

Paige found a bunch of eggs that the Bunny left behind

Happy 1st Easter Harlow - 7 months old

Look at Harlow's newest mermaid friend Lilly, I won Lilly for Harlow from the fabulous

After everyone was dressed and ready we headed out for a delicious brunch and following it was an egg hunt at the beautiful Gaylord Texan Hotel. The brunch was one of the best I have ever been to, the variety of food was awesome, the live music was great and the decor was beautiful for Easter. We will definitely make this a yearly tradition.

Harlow sitting pretty in her stroller at brunch

Aiden really enjoyed the independence on getting to pick whatever he wanted to eat

Paige enjoying the delicious chocolate fountain

Yet another good use for an Easter basket

I couldn't be any more lucky!!!

I love this picture because it really showcases each of their personalities

Harlow enjoying a ride in our Ergo, the best and most comfortable baby carrier EVER!

Paige getting some candy at the hunt

This is pretty good for a family picture


Casey said...

What a GREAT Easter!! Love how you hide the baskets too... I might have to do that next year. We always just hid the eggs!

May I use your photos of Harlow for our blog?? She is just too cute!!

Casey said...

that is a great family photo! Looks like you had a blast and made some good memories!