Saturday, May 21, 2011


I was so excited the morning of the Butterfly Festival, I look forward to this event every year. I laid out the 'perfect' outfit for Harlow the night before with great anticipation of getting some amazing pictures with her and the butterflies. I knew I could get some candid pictures of Aiden playing with the butterflies.

With camera in hand I couldn't wait to get into that butterfly tent, Aiden dashed off with a smile from ear to ear and Harlow, well she clung to me for dear-life. I had her a few steps from my leg for just a few minutes but just then a butterfly landed on her eye lash, she freaked out and back on my hip she went.

Harlow and I followed Aiden around in the tent taking pictures of him while he happily played with the butterflies. I held out hope that Harlow would get back down and give it another chance but instead she clung to me crying and pointing out each 'flutterfly' as she called them that even came close to us with much distress in her voice. I was able to sneakily place a butterfly on her back and on her headband for a picture or two but that was about all I could get this year.

Aiden with his friend Tommy

So pretty!

I did bring home a chrysalis for both Paige and Aiden. We all enjoyed watching the butterfly emerge and then releasing them. Surprisingly, Harlow stood calmly and watched me release each one calling out the "flutterfly" with much excitement as it flew away. Maybe there is hope for next year?

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Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

So fun!!! Lots of good luck from the Butterfly landings!