Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby Harlow Looking Good

I had an appointment with my mid-wife yesterday. I will be having Harlow here at home in a birthing tub. I am so excited about it. I had always pictured myself giving birth to all of my children at home but because of insurance complications I just succumbed to the traditional hospital route with both Paige and Aiden. I did do it as much as I could my way so I waited to 10 cm dilated, then headed to the hospital for a natural, drug-free birth and went home hours later with a baby in my arms. So this time around we are paying cash and getting to do it 100% my way here at home with a fabulous mid-wife Kathleen Mayorga.

I am now 24 weeks, 4 days pregnant with baby Harlow who is growing just as she should be. I had to take Aiden with me to the appointment, he wasn't very cooperative and insisted on running out of the room at every opportunity but he did manage to stand next to me long enough to push the Doppler button and listen to Harlow's heartbeat with me so that was exciting.

I love pictures, I take a lot of them, probably every few days at least.

Here is one of the kids today before we headed over to a playdate at a friend's house. It's been hot and rainy here in TX...reason for the rain boots.

I love this outfit from Etsy designer Loves Me Not and so does Princess Paige

A couple of days ago, Paige is wearing Boden and Aiden Matilda Jane

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Cara said...

Paige looks darling!!!
I had both my girls at home!!! It was awesome :) If you ever want to talk about have my number!