Friday, May 8, 2009

Playing with Butterflies

One of my favorite events to take the kids to is the annual Kiwanis Butterfly Festival which was held at Collin Creek Mall this year. The kids and I joined with our friends from the McKinney Mom's Group for this special event.

We then were given a swab dipped in Gatorade (good thing since Aiden of course put it in his mouth) to attract the beautiful butterflies that were held in an 800-square-foot netted conservatory. The best part besides the excitement and laughter is the pictures of course. We even brought home 2 chrysalis that will be ready to release in just a few days. We are heading to visit my dad and family in TN tomorrow for a week so I will defiently have a ton of pictures to share upon my return.

Just before we headed out...

The kids had the best time playing in the water before we headed in the exhibit

Playing with the butterflies

Definetly my favorite picture, she loved the butterflies

This beauty landed on my hand while I was taking pictures

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Timi said...

Hi Meredith, your blog is so cool! I was on the lls board and saw your link and had to check it out :) very very pretty! Take Care, Timi