Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gimme Gimme...a Beautiful Dancer Paige

I look forward to Paige's dance recital all year and last Saturday, June 6th it was time for Paige to show us all of those dance techniques she learned this past year at Sheena's Dance Academy in Frisco. She was performing a tap routine to the song "Gimme Gimme" wearing a very sparkly red dance costume. I couldn't take enough pictures of my beautiful dancer. I was overwhelmed with how proud I felt as a mother to watch her perform.

Since the performance she has worn her costume around the house everyday, she loves to dress-up and of course you can't beat the mega sparkle factor of this costume. This past year her dance class was a combo tap and ballet class but next year it will be just ballet. I wasn't sure how long Paige would want to be a dancer but while watching the other performances she told me she wanted to dance until she was a big girl and of course we will support her every step along the way.

Dress Rehearsal - June 5th

Picture Perfect

The Recital - June 6th


Call Me Q said...

Girl she is sooo damn cute and looks sooo happy. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww

I so love that costume! I know Evie would too. LOL

Angry Julie Monday said...

Aww she's adorable. I love her costume!

Cara said...

Mere!!! She looks adorable!!!! LOVE the costume...
I have to get blogging again :)