Wednesday, June 24, 2009

31 weeks, 5 days and Counting Down for Her Debut

I had my 31 week appointment with my Mid-Wife Kathleen last week. Gosh, I can't believe I am already that far along and haven't really gotten anything together for baby Harlow. Usually Jon and I are already working on the nursery but I am thinking as long as I have her moses basket ready (I custom ordered a girl bumper for the moses basket we had for Aiden off of Etsy) and waiting we can work on the nursery in the months following her birth. We have to clear out the guest bedroom furniture first and order Aiden's big boy furniture after that so we have a few things on the to do list before we can really get started on it. I decided on using the Pottery Barn butterfly bedding and other room decor I had for Paige's nursery so at least that's one detail we won't have to worry about.

Harlow looked great at the appointment. She measured exactly 31 weeks, heartbeat sounded great and I didn't hear back on the blood work which I was told meant it was all normal. So now it's time to settle on the details of her birth which as I stated before will be here at our home in a birthing tub. I am now at the every 2 week appointment mark so the next appointment is set for July 1st.

The Texas heat hasn't made getting around with the kids very easy but I try to put my best foot forward every day to show the kids a fun filled day. I plan on staying indoors or in water as much as I can this summer to beat the heat. Pregnancy hormones have also made the day to day hard to contend with but I am doing my best to get over the hurdles emotions can put in my way to enjoy every day. Oh and I can't forget the insomnia in this pregnancy, sure is weird being up late into the night by myself without feeling the slightest bit tired but of course it makes it hard to get up to tend to the kids in the morning.

Oh the joys of pregnancy, Harlow is worth it all and we can't wait to meet her. Jon has been doing his best to put up with the crazy pregnant me and even sent me some pretty flowers to brighten my day today.

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Call Me Q said...

girl you AMAZE me with all that you do. Wow. You are like a super mom - seriously.