Monday, July 20, 2009

35 Weeks + and Nesting

I had my 35 week appointment with my Mid-Wife Kathleen last week and everything was just as it should be. My belly measured right on, Harlow's heartbeat was perfect, my blood pressure was normal and she ran the last of the blood work she needed before delivery. Our next appointment, which will be next week will be a home visit where she will review the birthing tub set-up and other necessary details with Jon and I. Jon and I have gotten our at home birthing kit and purchased the other essentials yesterday so we are ready for Harlow to make her debut.

I have begun nesting and it's definitely been nice getting everything around the house in order. I plan on washing a few things in Dreft (love that smell!) for baby Harlow today and will get her moses bumper (I had the moses basket from Aiden) and other goodies I had made by the very talented Monique from Etsy in the mail tomorrow (see pictures below). Harlow won't have her nursery ready since we haven't been able to sell our guest bedroom furniture yet to clear out her room but we figure we have time as she will sleep in the moses basket in our room for at least 3+ months anyways. So I am using a nice bamboo clothing rack we already have along with canvas baskets for her clothes, diapers, etc. to set up a area for Harlow next to her moses basket in our room. I will take pictures of it all put together in the next few days.

Jon has been helping my need to nest by painting the playroom a pretty light blue and next is painting and putting together Paige and Aiden's PBK Dr. Seuss bathroom before Harlow makes her debut. I figured since we couldn't put our time and energy into Harlow's nursery we may as well get a few other things off of our to-do list in the meantime.

My Texas family of friends is hosting a baby shower for me on July 31st; I am really looking forward to getting together with all of my friends to celebrate Harlow's arrival. I also have my BIG (well you can't get much bigger then being 9 months pregnant...LOL!) 30th birthday coming up on August 11th; I hope to go out to a nice dinner with Jon to celebrate and have friends over a movie and some cake before Harlow makes her debut...guess we will see if that all works out. Well off to nest and tend to the kids.

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