Wednesday, July 29, 2009

36 weeks, 5 days with BEAUTIFUL Maternity Pictures

I am so glad I finally did it...maternity pictures that is. I have always wanted to do them but by the time you get to the home stretch (eeek no pregnant woman likes to hear the word stretch...stretch marks that is...LOL!) it's about the last thing you feel like doing.

I knew with this baby being our last I had to embrace this pregnant belly before it was gone and contact my favorite photographer and friend Joyce Blackson to capture the moment for me. It was actually a really fun photography shoot, the kids got to kiss the belly which they always love to do, Jon and I took a few together and I felt like I was on America's Next Top Model when I went solo with my belly. I can't wait to see all of the pictures from the session but here are a few she provided me with to share now.

36 weeks, 2 days

I had our in-home appointment with Mid-Wife Kathleen yesterday and everything went great. She went through the preparation of both the birthing tub and bed set-up with Jon and I as well as the overall in-home birth process for when Harlow arrives. I have another appointment scheduled next week and my guess is Harlow will be born the week after that which is the week of my 30th birthday.

Silly Paige was playing with her toes...

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sewfunbymonique said...

You are beautiful! I love those photos of just you and you and the kids!!