Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beautiful At Any Length - Paige's Haircut

Paige had been asking for awhile now to go get her haircut short so we decided to start our day with her haircut over at Sweet & Sassy. When Paige first mentioned getting her long Rapunzel like hair cut off I explained that she could donate her hair to someone who needed it. Paige loved that idea and was really enthusiastic to make a hair donation. On top of helping a great cause she can also get a Girl Scout badge to commemorate her good deed.

There are a couple different charities you can donate your hair to, after hearing about the Locks of Love program that makes hairpieces for children it seemed right for Paige's hair donation but Pantene also has a great hair donation program called Beautiful Lengths that makes hairpieces for women with cancer.

So 13" of hair was cut-off to make Paige's new super cute short hair style and is now a pony in a bag ready to be donated.

It was such a big exciting change, it's so different to see Paige with her short hair and I think it made her look a little younger (want to keep my oldest as young as I can for as long as I can).

Adorable outfit by Loves Me Not Clothing

...just after the rough cut for the donation



Mande said...

She is beautiful!! Love her new haircut and her big heart. xoxo

Amber said...

WOW! What a big heart Paige has! Wonder where she gets that from? xoxo! She is adorable with her new do!

Dear Lillie said...

She is so adorable and wow what a sweet thing to do!

Call Me Q said...

She looks AWESOME girl! And what a wonderful lesson to teach!