Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Ho Ho it's Santa time 2010

It's always so exciting to get to play Santa, I set everything out and Jon is the official 'builder'. I think my favorite part is seeing all of my hard work come together, when I see it all on display it's always picture perfect.

My favorite purchases this year was Paige's pink 16GB Nano, Aiden's Darth Vader Sleeping Bag and Harlow's vintage Sesame Street playset with all the figurines that I won on Ebay. I think the kids would agree those were some of the favorite Santa toys this year.

We started Christmas day at 7am, the kids checked out their Santa loot, I made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, after breakfast it was time to open presents and then it was time to play with all the new goodies.

After getting dressed we Skyped with my sister Jennifer and her family and of course played some more until it was time to enjoy our Honeybaked Ham dinner. After baths, we played a couple games with the kids before putting them to bed.

Aiden wanted to sleep in his new sleeping bag so he invited Paige to sleep in his room with hers but he couldn't stay quiet enough for the 'sleep' part so Paige wanted to go back to her room; Aiden stayed in his sleeping bag and quickly fell asleep after settling down. Jon started a fire and he and I watched the very funny movie 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'.

Christmas Eve
they each opened a present

Mrs. Claus on Christmas Eve

hay and carrots for the reindeer

more reindeer food on the grass

milk and fresh-baked cookies for Santa

Aiden's Christmas - Mighty Beanz, Darth Vadar sleeping bag, cars, Pillow Pet, double Lightsaber and Super Mario figures

Harlow's Christmas - Happy Blankie Pig, Little Giraffe Pillow, vintage Sesame Street toys, Joyfolie shoes, doll clothes, toys and Coupe Car (below)

Paige's Christmas - mini-Lalaloopsy, pink nano, nightgown, Imogen's Garden doll, doll clothes, art supplies and Hello Kitty stuff

squinkies are a favorite

crayon making

we made new rainbow crayons

our youngest Jedi


Harlow enjoying her new Clickeroos

Paige's new doll Calantha with Harlow's doll Aster dressed in fabulous Melamoose Co. clothes

My house is still a mess from all of the toys but I think it's fun to leave it out for a few days to enjoy Christmas a little longer. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, you can tell we did.

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