Friday, December 31, 2010

Blogs that make Me Happy...Happy New Year!

I was thinking back on my year and the things I really enjoyed doing, one of them being reading beautiful Blogs. Reading a good Blog is usually just what I need for a little downtime while the kids nap or sometimes to get some inspiration.

I wish I had an iPad so I could spend more time reading these beautiful Blogs or hey, even better so I could make more time writing on my own Blog. I think I will put that on my 'wish' list for the New Year, it seems like the perfect way to 'stay connected' when I can't be at my computer which is most of the time chasing after 3 kids.

My favorite Blog by far is Kelle Hampton's enjoying the small things, her entires are all so inspirational and her pictures are all sooooo beautiful.

I love keeping up with my crafty on-line friends, so many of them have great Blogs:
Joyfolie - yes you knew already that these are my very favorite shoes for Harlow but also I love reading her Blog because her talent and pictures are both so inspiring.

Joyfolie has a fur wrap giveaway going on right now over on the Blog so hurry and enter by tomorrow night.... crossing fingers that I win it.

Dear Lillie - love the Blog and I LOVE to shop all things Dear Lillie

Evy's Tree - my favorite Hoodies ever!

Forty Toes - Jenn takes some really beautiful pictures of her gorgeous daughter Stella Marie and also has a fabulous Etsy store

Princy n Paris - has some of the sweetest hair accessories in her Etsy store

Just this past week I have found another couple of Blogs that I also really enjoy reading, one of them is the Roseland family Blog, Jenni seems like such a fun mother that I can really relate to. She is also very generous, she has a wonderful Matilda Jane giveaway I hope to win for Harlow.

The other is ashleyannphotography Under The Sycamore Blog, she has a really great DIY project section.

I could go on and on, I really love a good Blog and lucky for me so many have them.

I have a few resolutions for my New Year. I would love to learn to sew. I just need a sewing machine first so I can get started on the 'learning' part. I also want to learn to use my camera, I think I need to take a local class so I can start to 'own' my camera in the manual settings. Lastly, I hope to stay-up on the laundry. With a 5 person household and Harlow in cloth diapers it almost seems impossible not to have laundry on the couch but my hope is I can come up with a schedule in the New Year making it easier in some way.

So that's it, now it's time to sit on the couch with Jon and greet the New Year just before heading to bed. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with much love and happiness!!!


Jenni said...

thanks for the little plug! it is nice to be even mentioned next to some of those amazing blogs! funny that i found so many of those amazing women through joifolie, back when it was mia joie! crazy how the blog world connects us all somehow!

Mande said...
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Mande said...

Love it all!! Some fabulous ladies behind these cool blogs. Jenni, thanks to Joyfolie I found you & the gang. Your blog is pretty fabulous too Meredith!! Hugs ladies!! xo