Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Much Fun

We were so excited to get snow again this year, the kids couldn't wait to get out and play in it. The best part about snow in TX is it only lasts for a day or two and then it's gone. We took the kids out yesterday while it was still snowing and then I took Aiden and Harlow out again today while the groung was still covered in snow.

I think we could benefit from some snow bibs and gloves, the kids wanted to play outside longer but we just couldn't make our winter coats and mittens work for the freezing cold and wet snow. At least the big kids and I had rainboots. In any case we had fun, Paige built a snowman yesterday and Aiden enjoyed kicking him down today. Harlow enjoyed just running around outside.

using our Bilibo to slide down the hill

Harlow's adorable Owl hat is by Snap-Happy Boutique

love her litte foot prints running down the driveway

Aiden sharing his snow with his sister

so glad I bought these rainboots from Target this year, they really have been put to good use


Kelli said...

we live in texas too and got the snow as well!! my little one enjoyed it but i am very glad its melting!! your kids seemed to really enjoy it!!!

Jenni said...

looks like fun! we saw snow in az for the first time this year in a long time. of course we have snow up north, but never in the valley, it was crazy to see the mountains topped off in snow!

the kids look like they were having a blast! love that little owl hat and your oh, so cute rain boots!

Mande said...

Aww! Looks like they had a blast!! Great pics Meredith!!

Andrea said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed the snow!! You have the best dressed kids :)

Amy said...

Meredith! I just found your blog through Jenn over at 40 toes, I don't know why I wasn't following before?? Anyway, I'm following along now and I love little aiden in his marbles and I LOVE that owl hat. :) I friend requested her on FB, might have to get Evy one. :) hope you are well.xoxo