Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Gosh I love the month of December, there is so many fun things to enjoy with family and friends. Today was our Christmas kick-off which included our Elf on the Shelf named Sam making his debut and we started Day 1 of our Advent Calendar. The kids were so excited to start counting down for Christmas.

If you haven't started the Elf on the Shelf tradition you should check it out (you can find them at my favorite store, Hallmark), it really brings out good behavior in kids (always makes for a more quiet month) and is a fun game leading up to Christmas. Paige named our Elf Sam last year and everyday he finds a new place to sit in our house (Jon and I have a good time finding a new place each night). We also enjoy reading the book that the Elf came with and have an additional activity book that I plan on using with Paige this year.

Now let's talk Advent Calendars (we got ours from Pottery Barn Kids but you can also find some cute calendars at Target or on Etsy or better yet you can make your own). I think most assume you put candy in it but actually most of what I put in it is small paper tags with whatever fun thing we are going to do together or if it is an item that won't fit in the pocket on our calendar.

Today we started with new matching Christmas pajamas. Other ideas could include a craft, baking cookies, fun events (ie: visiting Santa, Santa's Village, looking at lights, etc.), small toys, family game night, family movie night, hot chocolate together, gosh I could go on and on with ideas and I am sure you will have plenty of your own come to mind.

Well I still need to get these Christmas decorations out, I promised myself tomorrow it would be done so wish me luck!



Cara said...

I think you need to win Mom of the Year :) You are awesome!!! I bet your kids will have great memories when they grow up :)

Lesli said...

I am soo glad you posted this. I have been wanting to get "Elf on the shelf" for a while now. I think you just sealed the deal for and I was also thinking about an advent calendar but every one I found had the little openings and I didn't know what to do with it. You have just given me a TON of ideas. You are so creative, I love the different activities that you are going to do instead of the candy every day!! Thank you so much!! So Now I must go and get Elf on the shelf AND an Advent Calendar!! Have a great day!!

Kelly said...

I agree you should totally win a mommy of the year award. Love it! I need to get an Advent Calander ASAP!