Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Fall Fun at the Fair and the Zoo

Did I mention how much I just love fall? Such perfect weather to get the family outdoors together. We did just that this past weekend.

On Saturday, we met up with friends and took the kids to see the new 3D movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was such a cute movie, both Paige and Aiden sat still the entire time and enjoyed sitting next to their friends Hudson and Preston. When we returned home Jon and I gave the kids their Halloween baskets which I filled with fun Halloween themed goodies. Thank goodness for the dollar spot at Target, makes for some great inexpensive treats.

On Sunday, Jon and I took the kids to the Texas State Fair. It was our first year going and we were really excited to watch the kids ride all of the fun rides and we were ready to eat some yummy fair food.

Before we left for the fair I got some really great pictures of the kids together which isn't an easy thing to do.

Paige and Harlow wearing my favorite brand of clothing by Matilda Jane

A couple of the rides Paige wanted to go on Aiden didn't measure up but we were able to find a ride that was just right for our little man.

Paige and Aiden just loved this car ride, you can see me smiling in the background. I love to see my kids having so much fun.

On top of our fun fair day we had a celebrity sighting, we saw Oprah Winfrey. I of course was beyond excited and was eager to get a good picture of her. The first time I saw her I was using my fingers to tear apart a turkey leg for the kids so I wasn't able to get a picture of her and Gayle driving past me but as luck would have it I saw her later in the day.

The only down side of this sighting is that it started to rain but I wasn't going to let that stop me, so I moved through the crowed almost to the front (with my camera tucked into my sweater) in hopes of getting a good picture. Just as I was ready to move ahead another person they turned around and I realized it was Nate Berkus and Ali Wentworth. I couldn't get a good picture of Oprah with the umbrellas in front of me (would have been nice if I myself had an umbrella) but here are a few of the pictures I was able to get before the rain did us all under and everyone fled for cover. We actually had to buy ponchos to make it back to our car and head home.

Oprah was giving away awesome prizes if you won this game at the fair

At least we were able to keep the kids fairly dry

You would have thought that a movie and the fair were enough but nope, we decided to extend out our weekend a day since Paige was off from school and take the kids to the Dallas Zoo with some free passes I won a few months back. The weather was nice and cool and the zoo was empty so it made for the perfect zoo day. I just asked the kids what their favorite animal at the zoo was and they replied the elephant.

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