Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It Came In The Mail Just For Harlow...Great Gift Ideas for Babies

I didn't have a clue on what we should get Harlow for Christmas but with 2 older siblings I knew "Santa" would have to get her some goodies since she has been a good little baby this year.

Then today the perfect catalog came in the mail with lots of great gifts for babies and in my case Harlow. I had never received this catalog before and I am so happy that it found its way in my mailbox today. The catalog is called nova NATURAL TOYS+CRAFTS. They have a wonderful website with great gifts for all ages and in my opinion they have a really reasonable price point on a great selection. Here are a few great gifts that caught my eye:

baby boo silk $7- perfect for peek-a-boo

amber necklace $22- helps to alleviate teething pain

animal teether $10

horse swing $135- great for indoor (I want it for Harlow's nursery) or outdoor use

teething doll $13

I had already intended on getting Harlow one of these blabla dolls, I have seen many kids holding them tightly in their arms so my guess is it will be a favorite:

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