Saturday, May 1, 2010

I am "Crunchy"

So I never knew they had a 'term' for the way I am, the things I do but I learned last week that they do and it's called being a "crunchy mom".

I took the kids to a playdate last week to meet some new mommies from my area and in addition to meeting them I ran into another group of mom's that I also had a lot in common with, they referred to themselves as being "crunchy".

At first, I dismissed the idea that I too was considered "crunchy" as I figured it had more to do with recycling, composting and overall being green which wouldn't describe me (although I hope to improve in some of those areas) at least not right now, but I learned that it was more directed at being 'natural' and a lot of it surrounding the way we view and raise our children.

Well as my new "crunchy" friend started giving me the rundown I answered yes to almost all of her questions except a few. What do I do that makes me "crunchy" well I do natural births and a homebirth in water with baby #3, I cloth diaper (I love you FuzziBunz!), I love baby wearing (Ergo your the BEST!), I don't use medicine and I don't give it to my children, I breastfeed without using bottles (Harlow is 8 months old and has only had 1 bottle 1 time, it was worth it though to go to the Black Eyed Peas concert) and overall I believe in being as 'natural' as I can.

I just thought it was neat to have a definition for how I view things, makes it easier to classify and easier to find those that are similar to myself. I really enjoyed meeting this great group of mom's that I could relate to and admire, I always felt the minority so it was refreshing to meet a group who viewed so much of parenting as I do. I joined their 'Bohemian Parent's' group as soon as I got home and I look forward to getting to know them better and learning more about myself in the process.

We know I am "crunchy" are you? Take this quiz and find out.


Melissa & Malie said...

haha cute quiz! I've never considered myself super crunchy although I grew up in a town practically constructed out of granola! So I guess not too surprising that I scored somewhat high...but my nursing training kicks in too and make some concessions. Plus Malie's birth was so risky, a home birth would never be an option for me. But...interesting.

Nicole J. said...

I've always described yoiu as stylish granola! LOL :-)

Trisha Renee Images said...

I'm in the "pretty crispy" section...I think I was a lot crunchier when I had less kids. I used to cloth diaper back when I had only two. Made my own baby food, etc etc...I guess, having five kids, and running around like a mad woman has caught up with me...I just weaned Sadie and she was one of my earliest at 16 months...and i told you , she hates the ERGO...darn....but i try to be as crispy as a I can! LOL.and are super stylish crispy crunchy granola!

Casey said...

how fun! I am more "crunchy" than I thought, 92. Thanks for posting! :)