Friday, May 28, 2010

Moms Make the Best Milk

Nursing Harlow on the beach in CA at 9 months old

I figured it was time to Blog about who I am, I am passionate about a lot of things and kids clothing is just a very small part of me.

So today while I was nursing Harlow I knew I wanted a post about breastfeeding. I am so very very passionate about breastfeeding but it's one of those topics you have to bite your lip a bit before talking about because it stirs up so much emotion in women.

With that being said, I have always and will continue to say (even if it's just in my head) that the breast is the best. I know people have reasons for not breastfeeding or they couldn't for numerous reasons and I understand that, I don't place judgement on them but this post is my chance to talk about how great breastfeeding is and how fortunate I have been with breastfeeding my kids.

I have breastfed all 3 of my children without using any formula and I have enjoyed every minute of it for so many beneficial reasons.

With my first daughter Paige I worked full-time, I carried my pump bag around with me at work and pumped as often as she ate with her caregiver so I could provide my milk for every feeding the following day. Sure it wasn't much fun sitting in a small room pumping at work and then having to wash the parts but it was well worth it and I cherished nursing her when I wasn't at work.

I have been fortunate to be a Stay At Home Mom with my last two children. I have been able to nurse on demand, I have kept my babies with me so I could avoid pumping and bottles. I enjoy it, I don't want to miss a minute of it because it all goes by so fast. I have cherished every moment I have had a baby at my breast because I know what I am doing is best for nutrition, overall health and well being and creates a stronger bond between my baby and I.

Harlow has definitely been my most difficult baby to nurse, she has always been super impatient waiting for the milk to letdown and bites me on occasion but I still keep at it and enjoy it. It hasn't always been easy to nurse, I have faced many obstacles over my nursing years but it's worth it to keep at it and I still love it.

Here's some of my must haves for breastfeeding:

I don't feel the need to cover, I don't really show anything but a baby in front of me but I would recommend a cover if you need some privacy and/or these are great if your baby is easily distracted.

Udder Covers has some really pretty nursing covers

Lansinoh Breast Cream for those first rough few days...I promise they will heal and it's well worth it to keep at it

The Boppy Pillow this is my favorite nursing pillow (I tried the My Brest Friend with my 3rd baby Harlow and it wasn't comfortable after the first few months so I went back to what I loved with my first two babies being the Boppy Pillow)

This Adiri bottle is great for a breastfed baby, Harlow had 1 bottle one time while I was at the Black Eyed Peas concert (well worth that bottle) and she did great using this bottle.

So grab a bottle of water, sit down, put up your feet and enjoy the time with your baby at your breast. Be sure and get some beautiful pictures of you nursing and pat yourself on the back for giving your baby the best milk on Earth!

I have entertained the thought of becoming a lactation consultant because of my passion and personal experience. I just need more knowledge and a license to round-me-out.

Nursing Aiden at a year old


Jennifer said...

I LOVE breast feeding too!!!! I have tried with all four and never figured it out until Ronnie. I got 6 weeks with Hank 6 with Dylan 9 months with Stella Marie and Ronnie is 13 months and counting. I own those same bottles but Ronnie only drinks from me. He throws everything else on the floor etc.

I am going to go as long as Ronnie will have me. He is my last baby and I am sooooo glad I got to breastfeed him... I have tears in my eyes just talking about it!!!!

I love nursing covers. I own several. I was never comfortable nursing in public without one. Which is kinda funny becaue I have never been modest.

Oh well. Love this post. I too am sooo thankful I was able to breastfeed!

Meredith said...

Awe thanks Jenn! That's great you have been able to nurse and are still able to nurse Ronnie. Kudos my friend!

My husband is so wonderful and supporting with nursing it has made it that much easier to do and enjoy. I was worried about posting this but am relieved to see you agree :)

georgia said...

Awesome Meredith! nursing here too like a champ going on 9 mo. I nursed the twins until almost 18 months & people thought I was crazy. I ended up helping them wean because I thought I was supposed to. Not this time..I'll go as long as we want.
I'm going to try those bottles because we haven't had any luck with others. I haven't really needed them but I feel like we should have something in a pinch that would work.
xo, Jordon
p.s. gonna send your dress this weekend. I never got the girls dresses finished for their bday either, I ran out of time but It's coming!!

Mande said...

Beautiful post. I am a nursing mom too. Such a wonderful bonding time for us. Hope to be able do it a few months longer. :)

Casey said...

I love that photo on the beach. So sweet and loving!