Saturday, June 12, 2010

CA part III - Real Friends are Forever

I feel so lucky that I have the kind of friends that no matter how much time or distance between us they quickly clear calendars to get together with me when I come to CA for a visit.

Saturday night, my friends and I went out to a local Country Bar for some drinks and dancing. My good friend Shelby attempted to teach me a couple of the line dances and I sure had fun *trying* to dance out on the dance floor.

The last night of my trip I enjoyed dinner with my family and friends at my favorite restaurant Marino's in Bellflower.

Suzanne & I

My nieces Zoe (holding Harlow) and Megan in the back with Suzanne's kids in the front

My brother Jesse and I

Everyone loves 'Uncle Jesse'

I had a great visit and I am looking forward to going back in October for my sister's wedding.

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Amy said...

Small World! I grew up in Bellflower and went to Marino's often...actually had my first real double date there. hehe