Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Paige Turns 6

Ready for American Girl with her wallet and doll in hand
*This FUN balloon wreath tutorial can be found here but please make note that I had to use just under 300 12" balloons and 3 boxes of greening pins (I put 2 balloons in opposite directions in each pin)*

Today was Paig's 6th birthday, it seems like it was yesterday I was in labor with her all day and I didn't even know it.

I thought I was just having a bad pregnancy day since I was only 37 weeks and since she was my first baby it didn't occur to me that it could be labor. So long story short it wasn't until I was bleeding at home in the restroom late evening that my husband convinced me to go to the hospital to get checked and even then I was resistant.

After getting checked, I was told I was 10cm dilated and that her head was ready to crown. Yes I was in pain all day. I couldn't sit down, I felt the need to pace and I felt that intense pressure to push all day (which I did all day over the toilet off and on...eeek!) but still I thought labor would be much worse and thankfully for me and my tolerance for pain it was well tolerable if that's what we should call it. Paige Judith was a healthy, beautiful baby girl and changed our world forever.

Paige is so sweet, she loves to sing, dance, dress-up, make crafts and play the Wii. I adore her and I am so excited for this summer to spend everyday with her. I miss her so much when she is at school so I plan on cherishing everyday with her this summer, I have a lot of fun things planned to keep us busy with fun together.

So today in celebration of her 6th birthday we went and had lunch at the American Girl Bistro in Dallas. Paige brought her tooth fairy money and birthday money with a plan to get a new doll Molly came home with us today along with a haircare kit and a sleeping bag.

After lunch, we had a short time at the house for Harlow and Aiden to nap while Paige and I spent over an hour playing dolls together in her room. It was then time for swim class and after it we enjoyed dinner at the outdoor pool and waterpark for some more fun.

When we got home Harlow was ready for bed so we spent the final hour before bed playing Wii together before putting the birthday girl and her brother to bed.

Today was a great day and now we can look forward to Paige's Toy Story III 3D movie party this Saturday.

She had to have a Moxie doll after seeing the commercial

Happy 6th Birthday Paige!

So excited to take home Molly and have a friend for the Emily the doll she already had

I only brought a few of the presents with us to American Girl so she opened the rest after we got home

She wanted a hula hoop for her birthday, she is really good at it!


Ashley said...

Great pics!!!! She looks like she had an awesome birthday!!! Look at all those toys I have to look forward to Sienna finding out about from her friends and then begging for ;) I think I need to visit the American Girl Bistro!

Trisha Ashley said...

Just think..she could have been your first "home birth" baby....Yikes..that was close!

Mande said...

Happy Birthday Paige! xo

Rose said...

Oh Mere--They are growing up so fast! Amelia turns six in a few weeks, too. I remember thinking that mine would never be born early, since Paige was, and that I was doomed to suffer forever with a huge baby! And Amelia was born at 37 weeks, too! All almost 9 pounds of her! And I remember thinking, "It can't be that bad if Meredith hung out on the potty all day!" Wrong, wrong, wrong. Kudos to you for the at-home au natural thing! And your blog is great!

Jennifer said...

You are the best mom!!!! What a fun fun day!!!! Happy Birthday Paige!!!!