Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Giddy Over Horses by Lil Blue Boo

I almost can't put into words how excited Paige was about this pink horse dress by our favorite Lil Blue Boo, she couldn't get it on fast enough and the day after we took these pictures she put it back on to wear it again. At first, I wasn't going to let her but when that toothless smile is looking up at you it's hard to say 'no' so I let her wear it another day. I figure it's summer and being easygoing is one of the best parts about it.

I was so excited that Harlow got to match her big sister and another bonus is that Paige's two Bamboletta dolls each had a matching pink horse dress. I was happy I could use Butterscotch as a prop for the pictures since the kids don't play with it.

I always say I am going to 'frame it' and I never do but I can promise you all I will be framing one of these pretty pictures very soon.

Paige almost 6 years and Harlow 9 months


Ashley said...

SOOO cute! Thank you so much!

Casey said...

oh my! Super super cute Mere!!