Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paige's Toy Story III in 3D Movie Party

I was so excited when I heard the release date on the new Toy Story III movie that I knew it would be the perfect party for Paige's birthday. Toy Story has always been a favorite movie in this house and Paige loves going to the movies so it was meant to be. Our movie theater has a really nice party room and they even decorated it with Toy Story decorations.

I brought a few more Toy Story decorations to make the room over-the-top, along with Toy Story III tattoos, a 3D look-alike button for each child attending (you can customize each button...more details below), alien cupcakes made by ME (I know surprising huh? and I thought they turned out pretty cute) and a Popcorn favor bucket filled with Toy Story stuff of course!

Popcorn buckets with yellow 'popcorn' frizzle filled with either a Woody/Buzz PEZ, Toy Story fruit snacks, limited edition Toy Story sticker and a mini-popcorn.

Here they are all wrapped up with a thank you tag and a Toy Story character tag

I gave each child attending a look-alike 3D button to wear, these buttons matched the fabulous 3D movie invitations (the invites come with a magnet on the back so invitees can quickly attach it to their refrigerator and they also came with a matching sticker for the envelope) by HMC Designs on Etsy.

Happy 6th Birthday Paige!

Paige has worn this tiara on her birthday since her 1st birthday

We love you Paige!

So excited to get the 3D glasses

Ready for the movie

While we were packing-up Paige and Aiden were playing Paige's new Toy Story toys


Mande said...

Paige is so cute Meredith!! Love the tiara, and how sweet it is the same one from her 1st Birthday. Lane has a crown I plan to photograph each year too. Very sweet. Looks like a wonderful Birthday.

Alisha said...

Aww, her party looks like it was a huge hit. Great job on the alien cupcakes, they look great.

Happy 6th Birthday Paige!

Jennifer said...

LOVE this party! I wish e were there! Sooo much fun!