Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beautiful Ballerina

One of my favorite things about dance is getting to go to the dance recital. It's so exciting to watch Paige perform on stage. My dad and Connie came for a short visit so they could watch her perform. We arrived early so we could get front row seats to watch our favorite little dancer perform.

Paige had two performances, the first was a ballet routine to 'Do Re Mi' from 'The Sound of Music' and her other was a jazz routine to the chipmunk version of 'I Got a Feeling'. She did such a great job and you could tell she really enjoyed dancing on stage. I of course couldn't get enough pictures of my beautiful ballerina.

The best part now is that Paige can wear her costumes as 'dress-ups' and she wears her ballet costume just about everyday while playing around the house....actually she is wearing it now.

Paige with her grandma and grandpa


Jenni said...

She is so cute!

I can't wait until I can get Lola started in dance!

Jennifer said...

LOve the pics!!!! I can not wait for SM to be three! Then she can do the dance stuff! You have such a gorgeous fam.

Alisha said...

Aww, what a little cutie. Love her little outfits :)